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  1. Airport Service Request

    Use this form to request fuel, specific amenities, hangar space, and more.

  1. Maintenance Request Form

    This form is used for service maintenance requests to repair stuck doors, leaky roofs, door lock changes, and more.

Animal Services

  1. Adoption Waiting List

    This form will allow animals still on their stray holding period to be reserved for adoption on the date of their availability in the... More…

  1. Rowan Wild Education Programs Reservation Form

Board of Commissioners

  1. Agenda Announcement Form
  2. Public Comment

    Please use this form to share public comments for Board of Commissioner meetings.

  3. Public Comment for Project Hero

    Please use this form to share public comments regarding Project Hero.

  1. Efficiency Suggestion Form
  2. Public Comment for Project Enterprise

    Please use this form to share public comments regarding Project Enterprise.


  1. Accessibility Feedback Form

    Please use this form for issues related to website accessibility if you have a disability or other web browsing limitation. Use our... More…

  1. Feedback Form

County Manager's Office

  1. Contact Us

    Use this form to contact the County Manager's Office.


  1. Business Nomination

    Use this form to nominate a local business or organization that is following COVID-19 guidance and requirements of Executive Orders.

  2. Stay at Home Violation Complaints

    Please use this form to report Modified Stay at Home (Executive Order 181) violations. Do not call 9-1-1.

  1. COVID19 Vaccine Volunteer

    We are accepting volunteers across multiple positions including: runners, traffic management, form/paperwork checkers, vaccine reaction... More…

Emergency Services

  1. Access & Functional Needs Registry

    Use this form to request to be added to the Access and Functional Needs Registry.

  2. Public Hearing Announcement Proposed Tax Increase
  1. Emergency Services Feedback Form

    We are always eager to hear from our citizens and customers with your questions, comments or suggestions. Use this form to let us know... More…

Environmental Management

  1. Financial Responsibility/Ownership Form Sedimentation Pollution Control Ordinance

    Use this form along with an acceptable erosion and sedimentation control plan to comply with local ordinance for land-disturbing... More…

Information Technology

  1. Internet Provider Questionnaire for the Rowan County Rural Broadband Task Force

    The Rowan County Rural Broadband Task Force is gathering contact and service information from current and interested Internet providers... More…

  1. IT - Contact Us

Rowan Transit System

  1. Satisfaction Survey

    Rowan Transit System values your opinion. We would be honored if you would take a moment to participate in our brief customer... More…

Sheriff's Office

  1. Cold Case Form

    Please complete this form if you have any information about Rowan County Sheriff's Office cold cases.

Social Services

  1. Economic Services Division Contact
  2. Report Benefit Fraud

    This form is used to report benefit fraud in Rowan County.

  1. Feedback Form

Soil & Water Conservation

  1. Rowan Creek Week Event Form

    Thank you for your interest in participating in Rowan Creek Week, a county-wide event. Please complete this form as thoroughly as... More…

  1. SWCD Board - Contact Us

    Please use this form to contact the Soil and Water Conservation District Board.


  1. 911 Address Inquiry
  2. Confidential Tape / Records Request Form

    This form is required to request a copy of a 911 telephone call, radio traffic or a Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) report for any... More…

  3. Division of Criminal Information (DCI) National Criminal Incident Commander (NCIC) Transaction Request

    National Criminal Incident Commander (NCIC) entry, clearance, and modification form for use by law enforcement agencies.

  1. Business Contact Updates

    In the event of an emergency, would we have the most up-to-date contact information for your business? Please use this form to submit... More…

  2. Damaged or Missing Street Sign