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1. Does Rowan County offer a tax discount?
2. When are property taxes due?
3. What are payment coupons and how are they used?
4. How much did I pay last year and the year before?
5. What is the current value of my property?
6. Did my mortgage company get a copy of my tax bill?
7. If my mortgage company pays my property taxes through escrow, why do I receive the bill?
8. Where do I get my property tax card?
9. Do I have to pay my bill in full?
10. Can property tax payments be used for a deduction on my income tax?
11. If I have sold the property that I received a property tax bill for, what should I do?
12. Does my Tax bill include taxes for Municipalities (City/Town/Fire district)?
13. When are delinquent tax bills advertised?
14. What is a Garnishment?
15. When will I receive my vehicle property tax bill from the County?
16. What time period does the tax bill cover?
17. If I mail in a payment will I receive a receipt?
18. Personal Property and Appeals
19. Sold Property
20. What if I'm in Bankruptcy?
21. What if I dont pay my bill?
22. Why do I have a late fee?
23. Pet Fee
24. What should I do if I sold my Personal Property (i.e., boat/motor, trailer, jet ski, etc.)?
25. Why are there fees to use debit/credit card?
26. What do I need to move a Mobile Home?
27. Why doesn't my Personal Property list on the Tax bill?