How do I apply for a special use permit?

Special uses are assumed to be generally compatible with other land uses permitted in the zoning district in which the special use is proposed. However, due to their unique characteristics or potential impacts on the surrounding areas or the county as a whole, individual consideration of their location, design, configuration and/or operation at the proposed location is required. Prior to submitting a special use permit request, applicants are encouraged to meet with a member of the Planning Department to discuss the request. The following information must be presented for consideration by the department: 

  1. Submit completed application;
  2. Submit site plan in accordance with Section 21-52;
  3. Provide response to Evaluation Criteria from Section 21-59;
  4. Provide information for specific uses listed in Section 21-60 (if applicable);
  5. Other information deemed necessary to determine the development proposal's impacts; and
  6. Submit $200 fee payable to Rowan County

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