What about all of my benefits, insurances, etc?

Sometime during your last month of employment, you should schedule an appointment with Debbie Holshouser to go over wrapping up all of your benefits, insurance coverage, and your options on continuing your various benefits after retirement. This "wrap-up" appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.

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1. I've decided on a date to retire, what do I need to do to submit the paperwork?
2. What about all of my benefits, insurances, etc?
3. I've completed all of the forms, when do I get my first retirement check?
4. What happens after the retirement application is submitted?
5. What happens to my vacation and sick leave when I retire?
6. When should I submit my application for retirement?
7. Where can I go to get information on planning my retirement?
8. How do I decide on a retirement date?