Social Services


1813 E Innes Street
Salisbury, NC 28146



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Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Holiday Calendar

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams, Ashley Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8378  
Adams, Melissa IM Supervisor II 704-216-8429  
Adams, Michelle Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8463  
Allen, Sheil'dell Income Maintenance Leadworker III 704-216-8348  
Alston, Crystal Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8334  
Armstrong, J. Thomas Income Maintenance Supervisor II 704-216-8333  
Artis, Kerry Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8390  
Artz, Audrey Office Assistant III 704-216-8475  
Baker, Hannah Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8370  
Ball, Jeanne Income Maintenance Supervisor II 704-216-8438  
Barney, Cynthia Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7942  
Barringer, Michael Child Support Agent II 704-216-8319  
Batchelor, Linda CPS Social Worker 704-216-8330  
Battle, Melody CPS Social Worker 704-216-8481  
Beaver, Donna Social Worker III 704-267-7996  
Beckham, Wendy Social Worker III 704-216-8493  
Belford, Tracey Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-8399  
Belk, Christy Social Worker III 704-216-8493  
Bennett, Christie Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8335  
Berger, Lisa Deputy Director 704-216-7963  
Berry, Beth Child Support Supervisor II 704-216-8304  
Boan, Lesley Child Support Agent II 704-216-8312  
Bost, Karen Child Support Supervisor II 704-216-8305  
Bostian, Lineta Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8456  
Bourn, Bailey Social Worker III 704-216-8454  
Bradley, Tiffany Child Support Agent II 704-216-8313  
Brazee, Debra Office Assistant III 704-216-8367  
Bridgeforth, Rachelle Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8449  
Brown, Ronica Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8449  
Burkhart, Alanna Income Maintenance Caseworker III Lead Worker 704-216-8343  
Cameron, Carrie Social Worker II 704-216-8425  
Canada-Cowan, Carla Social Worker I 704-216-8396  
Cashwell, Roxie Social Worker Program Administrator II 704-216-8446  
Chambers, Alexandria CPS Social Worker 704-216-8473  
Clark, Aaron Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8492  
Coardes, Jill Social Worker III 704-216-8490  
Coles, Quinnekia Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8457  
Comand, Charity Office Assistance III 704-216-8409  
Corby, Jamie Social Worker I 704-216-8395  
Corpening, Yoli Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8397  
Cowan, Alisha Social Worker III 704-216-8489  
Cozart, Y. Monique Income Maintenance Supervisor II 704-216-8402  
Cranford, Jenna Administrative Assistant I 704-216-8478  
Crisco, Belinda Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-7938  
Culp, Billie Social Services Program Manager 704-216-8350  
Davis, Lakeshia Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-7934  
Davis, Terri Office Assistant III 704-216-8367  
De La Rosa, Maria Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7930  
Diggs, Wendy Child Support Agent II 704-216-8318  
Dildy, Wilhemina Child Support Agent II 704-216-8316  
Dillard, Brittany Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-7947  
Doby, Leigh Child Support Agent II 704-216-8308  
Dollarhide, April Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8417  
Donaldson, Patricia Office Assistant III 704-216-8475  
Dry, Cynthia Attorney 704-216-8442  
Duggins, Anita CPS Social Worker 704-216-8448  
Dupree, Beverly Social Worker III 704-216-8455  
Ellenberg, Chelsea Income Maintenance Caseworker III, Lead Worker 704-216-8371  
Enlow, Matthew Child Support Agent II 704-216-8306  
Ennis, H. Jordan Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8393  
Ennis, Micah Director 704-216-8422  
Ervin, Wendy Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8364  
Flores-Castellanos, Sheyla Foreign Language Interpreter 704-216-8437  
Flowe, Stephanie Custodian 704-216-8326  
Frady, Samantha Income Maintenance Caseworker III, Lead Worker 704-216-8420  
Franklin, Brunetta Social Worker I 704-216-8404  
Frederick, Daina Social Work Supervisor II 704-216-8357  
Gaither, Sandra Child Support Agent II 704-216-8311  
Godfrey, Sarah Social Worker III 704-216-7913  
Gomez Loza, Zulma CPS Social Worker 704-216-8459  
Gonder, Jillian Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8340  
Gover, Lisa Child Support Agent II 704-216-8310  
Haas, Amber Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7927  
Halstead, Jessica Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8371  
Harris, Brenda Social Worker III 704-216-8339  
Harris, Tiana Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8486  
Hart, Amanda Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7959  
Hartsfield, Raymond Child Support Agent II 704-216-8309  
Hatchell, Ronji Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8449  
Hayes, Taryn Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8491  
Heaggins, Nakesha CPS Social Worker 704-216-8368  
Henderson, Kimberly Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8385  
Higginbotham, Patricia Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8387  
Hill, Nona Office Assistant IV 704-216-8300  
Hilton, Ruth Social Worker III 704-216-8493  
Hinson, Jared Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8354  
Hoffner, Melissa Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8431  
Hogue, Jaselyn Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7932  
Holder, Crystal Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8336  
Holshouser, Lisa Social Worker III - Adult Services 704-216-8372  
Holshouser, Sheila Economic Services Program Administrator II 704-216-8407  
Horton, Allison Social Worker III 704-216-8468  
House, Irish CPS Social Worker 704-216-8450  
Howell, Lauren Social Worker III 704-216-8481  
Howie, Rasheeda Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8441  
Hunt, Colleen Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8389  
Hutton, Darlena Office Assistant IV 704-216-8345  
Johnson, Brad Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8344  
Johnson, Kelly Budget Analyst 704-216-8346  
Johnston, Carla Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8485  
Judkins, KeErica Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8341  
Kelly, Toshia Income Maintenance Supervisor II 704-216-7938  
Kemp, Jill Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-8376  
Kendall, Michael Social Worker III 704-216-8464  
Kennedy, Mariah Social Worker III 704-216-8471  
Kiser, Sara Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8384  
Kivett, Catrena Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-8411  
Kruger, Beverly Accounting Technician III 704-216-8406  
Latham, Kimberly Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-8330  
Leonard, Carrie Child Support Agent II 704-216-8312  
Leonard, Pamela Social Worker II 704-216-8338  
Lester, Robert Attorney 704-216-8315  
Linker, Caroline Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8344  
Lozito, Tracey Social Worker III 704-216-8427  
Ludwig, Christine Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8356  
Mabry, Lushaunda Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-7949  
Magnuson, Deborah Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8369  
Marshall, Alma Child Support Agent II 704-216-8317  
Martinez, Angela Office Assistant III 704-216-8424  
May, Anne Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8337  
McClanahan, Jackie Office Assistant III 704-216-8322  
McClattie, Shannon Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8451  
McCorkle, Jessica Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8432  
McCourt, Christina Income Maintenance Caseworker III Lead Worker 704-216-8496  
McCuller, Sundria Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8415  
McKeithan, James Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8471  
McKnight, Jamie Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8388  
McNany, Laura Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8445  
McNeill, Brenda Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8495  
Meismer, Megan Income Maintenance Investigator II 704-216-8414  
Melton, Jane Transportation Technician 704-216-8897  
Michael, Julee Child Support Agent II 704-216-8301  
Miller, Deborah Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8365  
Mobley, Beverly Social Worker III 704-216-8474  
Montgomery, George Social Worker III 704-216-8467  
Mooney, Meagan Social Work Supervisor II 704-216-8349  
Moreno, Eyleen Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7929  
Morgan, Itisha Social Worker III 704-216-8452  
Morgan, James Social Worker Supervisor III 704-216-7915  
Mosley, James Safety Officer 704-267-7665  
Mullins, Holly Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8443  
Murray, Kimberly Social Worker III 704-216-8477  
Naves, Laura Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8432  
Nesbitt, Ericka Social Worker III 704-216-8447  
Owens, Alena CPS Social Worker 704-216-8453  
Palmer, Jamilet Office Assistant III 704-216-8302  
Palmer, R. Paige Social Worker I 704-216-8423  
Parks, Jennifer Social Worker II 704-216-8852  
Patterson, Teresa Office Assistant III 704-216-8342  
Paulo, Lindsay Office Assistant III 704-216-8483  
Peek, Tashieka Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8373  
Peterson, Whitney Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8444  
Phillips, Sonya Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-8358  
Picard, Jessica Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8435  
Prange, Lisa Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7926  
Quarterman, Nadean Social Work Supervisor III 704-216-8462  
Rakes, Brittany Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-8480  
Rhodes, Ashley Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-7944  
Rivers, Natalie Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8359  
Roberts, Laura Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8327  
Robinson, Phylicia Social Worker II 704-216-8404  
Rodriguez-SantaCruz, Felmari Office Assistant III 704-216-8487  
Rodriguez, Gloria Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8386  
Rustin, Julia Transportation Technician 704-216-8898  
Samuels, Crystal Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8439  
Schappell, Helene Income Maintenance Supervisor II 704-216-8353  
Selby, Porschia Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8363  
Shaver, Kelly Human Services Assistant 704-267-7911  
Shuster, Heather Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7947  
Sifford, Clarisa Social Worker III 704-216-8497  
Simmons, Katina Social Worker III - Adult Services 704-216-8391  
Sloop, Mary Accounting Technician III 704-216-8406  
Smith, Devona Office Assistant III 704-216-8324  
Smith, Erin Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8410  
Sosebee, Kelly Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8416  
Steele, Sherina Child Support Agent II 704-216-8314  
Stubbs, Bridgett Social Worker II - Adult Services 704-216-8412  
Stubbs, Crista Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8394  
Stutts, Joshua Social Work Program Manager 704-216-8479  
Swygert, Tammie Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-7946  
Taylor, Keith Social Worker III 704-216-8448  
Teamer, Sandra Community Social Services Assistant 704-216-8400  
Thompson, Mary Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8398  
Trayah, Jennifer Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-7933  
Troublefield, Sarah Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8362  
Tucker, Jeanne Child Support Agent II 704-216-8307  
Vanderelst, Jeremy Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8418  
Velazquez, Karina Social Worker I 704-216-8395  
Wagoner, Amy Administrative Secretary V 704-216-8400  
Warren, Florence Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8332  
Warren, Tisha Social Worker III 704-216-8488  
Wellmon, Amber Social Worker III 704-216-8469  
Whaley, Carla Office Supervisor V 704-216-8329  
White, Tonya Child Support Agent II 704-216-8321  
White, Velvet Income Maintenance Caseworker II 704-216-8385  
Wilson, Jennifer Income Maintenance Caseworker I 704-216-8361  
Wright, Angie Income Maintenance Caseworker III 704-216-8398  
Yates, Walter Child Protective Services Social Worker 704-216-7912  

Adult Protective Services 

1813 E Innes Street
Salisbury, NC 28146


Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting 


After Hours
Call 911 or 704-216-8500

Children's Services Division 


Child Support 


Economic Services Division 

Contact DSS Economic Services

Please use Secure Upload for verification documents, and fax applications to 704-216-7937.

Rowan One Church One Child (ROCOC) 

Life Impact Church
1312 N Main Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

ROCOC, Attn: Donna Beaver
1813 E. Innes Street
Salisbury, NC 28146

Assistance Center Hours

Mondays and Thursdays

9 - 11 a.m.

1:30 - 4 p.m.

Holiday Calendar