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Posted on: November 8, 2023

Media Release November 8th, 2023-Medicaid Expansion

Rowan County Public Health Department  

Announces Upcoming Medicaid Expansion 


Rowan County Public Health Department is pleased to announce an upcoming milestone in healthcare accessibility for our community. On December 1st, North Carolina is set to expand Medicaid, offering a lifeline to thousands of residents who have struggled with limited or no access to essential healthcare services. This significant development aligns with our commitment to promoting health equity and well-being for all residents of Rowan County and will mark a transformative step toward better health outcomes and financial security for many. 

The expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina is a vital step forward in improving healthcare access and affordability for many individuals and families. It is anticipated to provide coverage to an estimated 600,000 North Carolinians within the first two years of expansion.  

Benefits of the Medicaid expansion include: 

  • Greater Access to Care: Residents who were previously ineligible for Medicaid will now have access to vital medical services, making it easier to manage chronic conditions, receive preventive care, and seek treatment when necessary. 

  • Improved Financial Security: With Medicaid expansion, eligible individuals and families may no longer face the high costs associated with medical bills and emergencies. This will help relieve financial stress and improve overall quality of life. 

  • Health Equity: The expansion will help bridge the gap in healthcare disparities by ensuring that more people have access to the care they need, regardless of their income or socioeconomic status. 


Rowan County Public Health Department is committed to supporting the community during this transition and will continue to provide outreach and educational resources to help residents understand the changes and access the healthcare services they need.  

We encourage all residents to explore these new opportunities and see if you are eligible for Medicaid through expansion.  

For more information and resources on Medicaid expansion, please visit North Carolina Expands Medicaid. 

For a printable Q&A form please CLICK HERE. 


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