Middle & High School Students

All RPL locations host regular programming and activities designed especially for teens. Teen programs are hosted February-April, June-July, and September-November. 

RPL East, West, and South host teen programs the first three weeks of every month. RPL Headquarters hosts teen programs the first three weeks of every month, including a special Tabletop Roleplaying Game club on the last week of every month. 

RPL Headquarters:
Weekly teen programs — the first three Tuesdays of the month at 4 pm
Monthly Tabletop Roleplaying Game club — The last Tuesday of the month at 6 pm

RPL East:
Weekly teen programs — the first three Wednesdays of the month at 4 pm 

RPL South:
Weekly teen programs — the first three Mondays of the month at 4 pm

RPL West:
Weekly teen programs — the first three Thursdays of the month at 4 pm

Digital Resources
All teen library customers are invited to use a variety of digital resources specially designed for test prep, homework help, research projects, and more.

Check out RPL's digital resources page. All digital resources are available online 24/7.

Library Cards

RPL library cards can be used to access materials and resources in-person and online.

Interested teens can visit any branch of RPL to register for a free library card. Teenage customers ages 16 and under must bring a responsible adult with them to register for a card. Teenage customers ages 17+ can register without a responsible adult, though they do need to bring a photo ID that includes their current address.

Teens can also register for an Online Borrower's Card (OBR). OBR cards do not require an in-person visit to obtain; teenagers can register for one at home. OBR cards allow customers to access digital materials and resources only. To access digital and physical materials, teens must obtain a regular RPL card by visiting a branch. 

Want to trade in an OBR card for a regular library card? Stop in at any RPL location with a responsible adult if you're 16 and under to trade the existing 

Rowan One Cards

Are you a student currently attending a public school in the Rowan-Salisbury School System? You may already have a Rowan One Card! 

Rowan One Cards are created in partnership with the public school system. Every student's school identification number is used to establish an account with RPL. These cards can be used in-person and online, though they do have limitations compared to regular library cards. 

Rowan One Cards limit students to checking out up to three (3) physical items from the library at a time. However, they still grant full access to digital resources, online materials, and public computer usage at any RPL location. 

Need help using your Rowan One Card? Visit any RPL location or call 980-432-8670 for assistance.

Students may opt to register for a regular library card if they choose. 

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