Board of Commissioners

The Rowan County Board of Commissioners is committed to investing in our county's future through the continued support of our public education system. The Board of Commissioners continues to keep our public schools a top priority to ensure that all our children are receiving the best education possible. 

County Funds

Rowan County schools continue to be the largest single recipient of county funds, over 1/3 of our total budget, which positively impacts almost 21,000 students in the Rowan-Salisbury, Kannapolis City Schools, and Rowan Academy (a charter school) in the Rowan County area. 

Special Allocation of Funds

In addition to this high level of ongoing financial support, the Commissioners established a special allocation of funds to be used specifically for classroom supplies. By placing the money in the hands of teachers, it enables them to acquire the necessary resources to better instruct our children.