Shield a Badge Program

Chaplain Michael Taylor started the Shield-A-Badge program in 1995 for the Rowan County Sheriff's Office employees and officers. The program asks participants to commit to:

  • praying for an officer every day for one year
  • sending birthday cards and notes of thanks

Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line each and every day to provide safety for our community. Officers are faced with danger, split-second life and death decisions, frustrations, criticism for their job, and other anxieties. 

The divorce rate among law enforcement officers is 86%. The three leading causes of death among officers are heart attack, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicide. It isn’t difficult to see why this program is needed in every law enforcement agency in America.

Participate in the Rowan County Program

The program starts and renews itself during the Month of May. A card to fold and put on your table as a reminder to lift them up in prayer each day will be sent to each participant.

To sign up for the program or to request a brochure describing items that are available for oder, please contact Chaplain Michael Taylor.

General Participant Guidelines

  • Do not make personal contact unless the officer initiates it. You can share your phone number or email address and ask them to contact you. 

  • Send birthday cards, Christmas cards, and letters of encouragement and appreciation to the officer in care of the department or agency where they work.

  • Do something for the officer during special events such as Law Enforcement Week (usually the second week of May).