Mail Policy

ID Number and Return Address

All mail must have the inmate's ID number on the front of the envelope and all money orders must have the inmates ID number on them. All mail MUST have a physical return address.  A PO Box alone is not acceptable and mail will be returned.   Any mail not in compliance will be returned to sender.

Annex Facility

Mail for inmates housed at the Annex facility on Grace Church Road Must be sent to the main Detention Center as well.

Inmate Mail Policy 

Inmates in the Rowan County Detention Center may receive mail as set forth in these guidelines. Repeated violations may result in denial of mail privileges to the sender. Mail containing any of the following will be returned to the sender and the inmate notified that it has been returned.

  • Any mail containing materials considered contraband or drugs
  • Bubble envelopes
  • Cash money or coins
  • Communicating threats
  • Envelopes or contents altered from original form or soaked/permeated in a liquid
  • Gang-related materials such as signs, drawings, language and symbols - to include pictures of persons displaying gang signs
  • Glue, paperclips, clasps, staples, magnets, stickers, tape, plastic, wood, cloth, glass, ribbon, liquids, metal, or any like materials
  • Mail from other detention facilities or prison units is not allowed unless prior approval has been obtained from administrators
  • Materials advocating hatred toward any individual or group
  • Materials advocating or encouraging sexual behavior that is criminal or in violation of the facility rules
  • Materials advocating violence
  • Materials containing instructions for the manufacture of explosives, drugs, weapons, alcohol, other unlawful substances or contraband
  • Music lyrics printed from the Internet or other medium that are obscene, violent, pornographic, or otherwise in violation of institutional rules
  • No lipstick
  • No more than 10 pages per letter, including printed material from the Internet or other like media
  • No obscene, violent, pornographic, sexually illicit, sexually erotic, sexually
  • No perfumed letters or envelopes
  • Pictures and greeting cards must be no larger than 4 inches by 6 inches
  • Polaroid photographs will no longer be allowed
  • Pictures are allowed but no more than 10 to an envelope
  • Profanity on envelopes
  • Prurient, sexually enticing obscene publications or writings
  • Solid or gaseous solution
  • Stamps, blank paper, envelopes or other items that can be traded, sold, or used to gamble
  • Sticker address labels - All return name/address must be handwritten or typed