Rowan County Parks and Recreation in cooperation with Rowan County Geocachers would like to encourage those in and outside of Rowan County to come to Rowan County Parks to geocache!

Rules for Hiding Geocaches

Geocachers hiding caches on Rowan County Park property must follow rules established by the Rowan County parks:

  • Permit required for hiding caches from Rowan County Reviewer 
  • Avoid No-Cache Zones (see below)
  • Follow guidelines of listing sites (Game Changer, OpenCaching North America (OCNA), TerraCaching, etc)
  • Cache Owner (CO) must do maintenance during Rowan County property hours
  • CO must personally inspect cache after 3 consecutive Did Not Find (DNF) days
  • Geocaches should not require finders to climb on buildings to find (caches must be within reach of average height persons)

No-Cache Zones

Three of the five parks have no-cache zones. For security and aesthetic reasons safety zones have been established in Rowan County parks. No caches are to be hidden in these areas:

  • Ellis Park
    • Community Building
    • Horse Barn
  • Dan Nicholas Park
    • Campground
    • Gem mine
    • Rowan Wildlife Adventures (animal habitats)
    • Girl Scout Camp Area
    • House on front of the property
  • Sloan Park
    • Kerr Mill Museum

Additional Information

For more information, please submit a Geocache Owner Permit Application