Henry W. Culp, Jr. Historic Trail

Flower and sign along the historic trailHenry W Culp, Jr. is the patriarch of the family that operates the H. W Culp Lumber Company in New London, North Carolina. Mr. Culp’s interest in forestry and American History is what brought the Famous and Historic Tree Trail to Sloan Park. 

Historical Trees

This trail consists of 76 trees with historical significance or are connected to famous or historical individuals. Each tree is an offspring of a "witness tree." Seeds or cuttings have been gathered from trees that were present during the American Revolution, the American Civil War, or trees that journeyed to the moon. American Forest’s Famous and Historical Trees Program is the basis for this trail.   

Time Periods

This trail is set out in three time periods. 

Colonies & American Revolution

The first part of the trail has trees representing the Colonies and the American Revolution. Planted here is a tree that held Connecticut’s Charter which gave the citizens autonomy from the King of England. Trees here watched as our forefathers fought for independence from England. Some of these trees overheard the leaders of our new nation argue over our constitution. The Ellis Island Sycamore reminds us of the importance that immigration has played on the success of our nation.  

Civil War

The second section of this trail documents some of our darkest hours. Trees along this section of trail come from battle sites of our Civil War. These trees watched as brother fought brother and our streams ran red with American blood. Antietam, Gettysburg, Shiloh, Ball’s Bluff, Champion Hill, and other battle sites are represented in this trail. Trees honoring those fallen in battle come from the site of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and from Montgomery, Alabama the site of the Cradle of the Confederacy Sycamore tree. 


Not to be forgotten our the leaders of this period. Trees representing Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, and Clara Barton all are planted along this journey through our past.