Gem Mine


Take a step back in time at our gem mine. We have four flumes for you to try your luck. You could find a number of color gemstones. All ages love to pan for treasures. Wash the stones from your bucket at the flume line using the screen provided. When the stones are wet, you'll discover Earth's treasures.

When you finish panning, go by the gem mine shack and have your stones identified by one of our experienced rock hounds. Let us cut your stones and create a custom piece of jewelry! We sell fine jewelry, fun jewelry and novelties for all ages.


Basic Geology Classes or a simple "How To" class for younger children, can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more at no extra charge. These classes are weekdays only. Contact us to schedule an appointment time.


Hours vary based on season and are weather-permitted. It is always best to call ahead, especially from November through March. Please call 704-216-7810 for information and hours of operation. 

Bucket Prices

  • Beginners Bucket - $10
  • Standard Bucket - $15
  • Family Bucket - $25
  • Special Bucket - $35 (Pre-cut stone included in $35 and $50 buckets)
  • Prize Bucket - $50 (Pre-cut stone included in $35 and $50 buckets)