Full-time and part-time benefited employees accrue vacation on a biweekly basis determined by the number of hours the employee works in the pay period and by the length of County service.

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Vacation Hours

Days calculated are rounded.
Years  Of Service Average Days / Annum
(Based on 2080 hours)
Factor Per Hour Worked Hours per Pay
Less than 2 10 0.04 3.08
2 - 4 12 0.05 3.70
5 - 9 15 0.06 4.61
10 - 14
18 0.07 5.54
15 or more
21 0.08 6.46

Annual Leave

With the approval of your supervisor, annual leave may be used for personal reasons requiring absence from work. The minimum amount that can be taken is one-quarter hour units. The County wants you to use your vacation leave. However, the time must be approved by your supervisor.

Accumulated Hours

You may carry 240 hours of accumulated annual leave from December 31st to January 1st of the next year. Annual leave in excess of 240 hours will be transferred to your sick leave balance. Employees who leave the County’s employment will be paid for accumulated vacation days. At the employee’s request, Rowan County will transfer accumulated vacation to another government agency, in lieu of payment, providing the other agency will accept the time. If an employee dies, a lump sum payment for accumulated vacation leave is made to the estate.

Eight hours of vacation shall be credited to the accumulated benefits of the employee who does not use sick leave and who is not absent without pay for a period of 6 consecutive months. Benefited part-time employees earn vacation hours on a pro-rata basis determined by the number of hours worked.