Ambulance Billing & Collections

Rowan County Emergency Services personnel respond to emergency calls and provide patient assessments and ambulance transports. Rowan County is dedicated to providing quality service at the lowest possible cost to Rowan County citizens and visitors.

Fee Assessment

Patients who are treated by paramedics but not transported are billed a "treatment, no transport" fee, and patients who are transported are billed a transport fee, plus mileage, based on the level of treatment received.

Claim Process

Rowan County contracts its billing and records management to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Management & Consultants, Inc. (EMS/MC). EMS/MC will file a claim with Medicare, Medicaid, or a private insurance company on behalf of the patient. 

It is the responsibility of each patient to provide EMS/MC with accurate insurance information so that claims may be filed in a timely manner. If a patient does not have insurance coverage or the patient’s insurance company denies a claim, a billing statement will be sent directly to the patient.

Payment Process

You may pay your ambulance invoices online at the EMS/MC website.

Once at the site, enter the requested information (your “Date of Service” and “Run Number” can be found on your invoice). The system will pull up all the balances that you owe and you will be able to make a payment against any trips that you may have.


Rowan County participates in the North Carolina Debt Setoff program to collect unpaid account balances. Unpaid account balances will be submitted to the North Carolina Department of Revenue for collection by applying the debt against any income tax refund and/or certain lottery prizes to which a patient may be entitled.

Appropriate notice of the intent to setoff debt will be mailed to a patient’s last known address. It is the responsibility of each patient, or guardian, to ensure accurate and current billing information is provided to EMS/MC so that services may be properly billed.


To make a payment, inquire about an account balance, or request records for a date of service of July 1, 2009, or after, a patient may contact EMS/MC:

Rowan County EMS
P.O. Box 863
Lewisville, NC 27023
Phone: 800-814-5339
Fax: 336-766-6870

Patients who wish to make a payment, inquire about an account balance, or request records for a date of service prior to July 1, 2009, may contact Ambulance Billing and Collections.