Candidate Filing

Running for Office

Candidates running for office must file a Notice of Candidacy during the filing period at the Board of Elections.

All candidates must open a Campaign Finance Committee. Committees are required to file organizational paperwork within ten days of filing the Notice of Candidacy, or before if spending or receiving any money in support of their campaign. Every committee is required to have a treasurer. Treasurers are required to complete training with the State Board of Elections within 90 days from the submission of the Statement of Organization and again every 4 years.

To learn more information visit NC State Board of Elections.

2023 Municipal Candidates Guide (PDF)

Required Candidate Filing Forms

The following forms are provided by the NC State Board of Elections and must be completed to open your Campaign Finance Committee:

View and Download Required NC Campaign Reporting Forms.

Filing of Campaign Reports

All campaign reports are filed according to a schedule set forth by the NC General Statutes. The type of reports and elections office where reports are filed depends on the office sought or type of political action committee (PAC) involved. All municipal and county offices file reports at the Rowan County Board of Elections. All offices at the state, judicial or federal levels file reports with the State Board of Elections in Raleigh.

Campaign Finance Manual
Campaign Sign Information
Treasurer Training