Candidate Information

Running for Office

All Candidates running for office must open a Campaign Finance Committee. Forms for opening the committee may be obtained from the Rowan County Board of Elections Office or NC State Board of Elections website.

Most candidates open a committee during the filing period for the office they are seeking; however, committees are required to file organizational paperwork within 10 days of announcing candidacy, spending or receiving any money in support of their candidacy.

Every committee is required to have a treasurer and all treasurers are required to take training with in 90 days from the State Board of Elections and every 4 years.

More Information

To learn more information about campaign requirements, procedures, treasurer training, filing software and statutes governing campaign reporting visit NC State Board of Elections.

Required Candidate Filing Forms

These forms are provided by the NC State Board of Elections in PDF and Fillable Word Document formats. The following forms need to be completed to open your Campaign Finance Committee:

  • Statement of Organization (CRO-2100 A)
  • Certification of Treasurer (CRO - 3100)
  • Certification of Financial Accounts (CRO - 3500)
  • Designation of Committee Funds (CRO - 3900)
  • Schedule for Mandatory Treasurer Training

View and Download Required NC Campaign Reporting Forms.

Filing of Campaign Reports

All campaign reports are filed according to a specific schedule set forth by the North Carolina General Statutes concerning these financial disclosures. The type of reports and the Elections office where reports are filed depends upon the office sought or type of political action committee (PAC) involved. All municipal and county offices file their reports at the Rowan County Board of Elections. All offices at the state, judicial or federal levels file their reports with State Board of Elections in Raleigh.

Forms & Documents