Grant Program

Northeast Rowan County Water System Background 

In July 2018, the Northeast Rowan County Water System (NRCWS) began distributing public water supply to customers who were previously supplied from private groundwater wells. NRCWS is a consecutive system that obtains water from Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (SRU) and serves a population of approximately 445 people. Rowan County owns the water system, and SRU serves as the Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC or “Operator”). SRU operates a water treatment plant which supplies the City and Northeast Rowan County systems. 

Beginning in July 2018, NRCS and its Operator have performed semi-annual tap sampling for the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) compliance. The system’s 90th percentile lead concentration has exceeded the Action Level during many of these sampling events. 

Because there is no source of lead in the public water supply, the County and Operator have taken action to support the reduction of lead concentrations in homes in the system by altering treatment techniques to best prevent the leaching of lead in the private plumbing systems. 

Recently, the EPA created a Trigger Level for lead in drinking water of 10 parts-per-billion (ppb). 

Plumbing Grant Program

Rowan County has established the 2023 Plumbing Grant for Lead Remediation for Qualified Customers of NE Rowan County Water System program. The Plumbing Grant will allow qualifying customers (those with prior sampling values greater than 10 ppb) to have appropriate repairs and/or replacements made in their plumbing system to address materials causing lead to leach into the drinking water.