Request Water Testing

Schedule of Water Samples

Due to the schedule of the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health, well samples are obtained on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesdays during the week. Well samples must be mailed and analyzed within 24 hours of receipt. Environmental Health Specialists work sampling wells into their schedule with other duties. 

If you have a site that is utilizing a generator, please call the Environmental Health department. 

New Wells

All newly constructed wells must be tested by the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health prior to establishing the well as a source of drinking water. Tests for bacteria and chemical contaminants should be conducted within 30 days of the well completion. If you recently had a new well constructed, you must call the main office at Rowan County Environmental Health to get on the list for a water testing. An Environmental Health Specialist from our office will need to make a site visit to inspect the well head and retrieve the water sample. No sampling fee is required as the price of the well sampling kit is included in the well permit fee. A newly constructed well must only be sampled if it meets the following criteria.

  1. The well has been properly constructed and meets all state and local rules.
  2. Power has been run to the well and is functioning properly. 
  3. The well has been chlorinated.
  4. The well has been run off and there is no smell of chlorine present in the water.

NOTE* Results for water samples are mailed to the local Health Department within 3 to 4 weeks after the sample is taken from the well. Once results are received, an Environmental Health Specialist will contact you with information about any necessary improvements or additional sampling needed. 

Existing Wells

Well owners may apply through Rowan County Environmental Health to request a well water test. You may request an application through adobe sign or download the application (PDF.) Applications may be submitted by email or in person at the Environmental Health office. You may only apply if the well has been properly constructed and meets North Carolina State Well Rules. Wells located underground cannot be tested by Environmental Health. 

PLEASE NOTE* Rowan County Environmental Heath is unable to sample wells during the process of buying, selling, or refinancing of a home unless it is a newly constructed well. If the lender requires a water test, you may call a private state-certified commercial laboratory. 

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