Apply for a Well Permit

In order to obtain a new well permit, well abandonment permit, or well repair permit, one must complete the following and submit all the necessary documents to Environmental Health. All documents may be returned in person, by mail, or by emailing Environmental Health


  1. Complete and submit an Environmental Health Application (PDF) or request an application be sent through adobe sign by emailing Environmental Health. 
  2. Draw and submit a site plan showing any future or existing structures, the current or future septic area, any easements or right of ways, and the preferred well area. If applying for a well abandonment or repair, please note the general area of the existing well on the site plan. The site plan may be drawn on a sheet of paper or you may use a GIS aerial map and then draw in the required markings. Examples are provided below. 
  3. If you do not own the property, you must submit a signed Authorization Form (PDF) or a copy of a real estate contract. 
  4. Prepare the property by marking the property lines, right of ways, easements, and any future structures. The property must be properly marked before submitting an application. Review page 2 of the Environmental Health Application for more details about required markings. 
  5. View the Environmental Health Fee Schedule (PDF) for permit costs. This fee must paid at the time of application and may be paid over the phone or in the office. 

Site Plan Examples

well site plan

Existing Well to be Abandoned