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Soil Evaluation Requirements Checklist

  1. Complete Environmental Health Application 
  2. Create a site plan that meets Environmental Health’s requirements
  3. Obtain a “Preliminary Zoning Review” 
  4. Obtain authorization from the owner, if you are not the owner
  5. Prepare the property for evaluation
  6. Submit all components of the application to Environmental Health by email or in person. 
  7. Pay applicable fees by phone, mail, or in the office. No payments may be accepted after 4 p.m. 


The same application is used to apply for services including: Soil Evaluation, IP (Improvement Permit), CA (Construction Authorization), Expansion Permit, Existing System Release, and a Repair. It is a one stop shop for citizens. Please complete to the best of your ability - the more information you can provide, the better we can assist. 



Download the Environmental Health Application (PDF)You may also request an application to be filled out through Adobe Sign by emailing Environmental Health. 

Preliminary Zoning Review 

This document can be obtained from the Planning Department (call 704-216-8588.) You must submit this document with your application (not required when applying for an expansion or repair permit with an existing home.)


You must provide authorization from the owner in order to apply. You may provide a purchase contract or download our authorization form (PDF).

Site Plan  

Draw a site plan that includes the following information. Examples provided below. 

  • The dimensions of the property. Note* If the property is being subdivided, you must provide the dimensions of the new proposed property lines (see site plan example 2 below.)
  • The proposed location of all future structures as well as any existing structures on the lot (e.g., house, facilities, wells, water lines, outbuildings, workshops, garages, in ground or above ground pools.) If applying for a septic expansion, See site plan example 3 below. 
  • Show the distance from the front and a side property lines to all structures.
  • Indicate the dimensions on all structures (L x W.) If you are unsure as to the structure size, please show the dimensions of the maximum possible area that you anticipate the structure will cover.
  • Preferred septic and well area
  • Proposed location of driveway and parking areas.
  • The location of any existing septic system or well on the property.
  • The location of any easements or right of ways on the property.
  • Any existing water lines, gas lines, utilities etc. Contact 811 for assistance in locating these.
  • The location of any designated wetlands on the property.

Site Plan Examples

Example (1.)site plan example

Example (2.) - Red dashes demonstrate where the property will be subdivided.subdivide site plan example 2

Example (3.) Red dots demonstrate the size and location of the homes new addition.

Expansion site plan example

Preparing the Property For Evaluation 

***The applicant is responsible for preparing the property BEFORE an evaluation/inspection occurs. Failure to do so will result in revisit fees. View the Environmental Health Fee Schedule for more information***

  • Clearly stake/flag all property lines and corner irons.
  • Property Lines must be flagged every 25ft. unless the marked property corners are visible without any obstruction.
  • Stake/Flag all corners of the proposed house.
  • Stake/Flag any proposed decks, in or above ground pools, detached buildings, garages etc.
  • Clear areas of the property that contain underbrush, tall grass, fallen branches/trees, and trim thick vegetation. The area may need to be “bush-hogged” or thinned out in order to evaluate the property. If not cleared properly, these conditions make it difficult or nearly impossible for the environmental health specialist to access areas for the soil evaluation.
  • Do not grade or excavate the area, as it is possible to damage the site beyond use.
  • If submitting more than 2 applications on adjacent or nearly adjacent properties, pits will be required.  (locations and depths to be determined by the Rowan County Environmental Health Specialist.)
  • If you would like to meet the inspector on site, please check the "meet on site"  box on the application. This services includes a 1 hour walk through of the property with the inspector. There is currently a $250.00 fee associated with this service which will be due at the time of application. This fee is in addition to the application fee. View the Environmental Health fee schedule for the full list of fees.