Book Bites Book Club 

Book Bites Book Club is a free book club offered by RPL for anyone aged 18+. This hybrid model book club meets both in-person at RPL HQ in the Hurley Room and online via Zoom to accommodate all who wish to attend.

The Book Bites Book Club fall line-up includes The Wright Brothers by David McCullough, a well researched and entertaining account of the first men to fly, Tangled Roots, by Marcia Kemp Sterling, an historical fiction story about the trials and tribulations of real families who settled in and around Salisbury, NC, and The Peach Keeper, where a mystery of long-kept secrets surrounding troubling remains unfolds in an old southern town.

Water will be provided for those attending in-person, treats may be brought to share if they are individually wrapped for easy distribution.

To borrow a free copy of any of the books featured, and to receive Zoom meeting information, email Paulette.

Meeting Discussion Dates:

September 28 - The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
The Wright Brothers - features book cover image of Wright Brother's bi-plane in the sky.
October 26 - Tangled Roots by Marcia Kemp Sterling

Author Marcia Kemp Sterling will Zoom in to discuss the story behind the story!
Tangled Roots - book cover features tree limbs overhanging river ban in mountains.
November 30 - The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen
Peach Keeper - book cover image features young girl walking in a peach grove with blossoms.

Book Bites Fall 2021- features images from the Fall line-up.