Volunteer Program

Animal Shelter Volunteer Program

Rowan County Animal Shelter is looking for a few good volunteers! We would like to announce the opening of our new volunteer program at the Animal Shelter. We are seeking a few individuals that want to help us with our efforts to care for our animals at the shelter, and help to find them new forever homes and help us provide education to the public. Our long term goal is to have a large list of volunteers with talents and dedication to help us accomplish these goals. Initially we will take a few to help us get the process started and then grow from there.


We will select from our applications based on talents, experience, and availability that fits into our shelter’s needs. If you have an interest, you should complete the Animal Services Volunteer Application (PDF) and return it for review. Completed applications can be returned to the Animal Shelter or Email Michelle Cauble, or applications can be faxed to 704 216-7980.

Staff will review and contact selected applicants for orientation. Volunteers must complete the same vetting process as employee new hires. This will include criminal background check, driving record check, and a volunteering drug pre-test.

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