Local Opioid Use Data

Comparison data of Rowan County to other counties within NC

Access the Local Overdose GIS Hotspot Map and Local Opioid Use Data Dashboard here:

PORT Opioid Data (arcgis.com)

Instructions to help you navigate our data dashboard

  • With your computer mouse, hover over the desired graph that you'd like to see enlarged. Then, click the small circle in the top right corner of the image to enlarge your desired image. Click the small circle in the top right corner of the image again to minimize the view of the image that you've enlarged. 
  • To view data from a previous date, click "select date" in the top right corner of the dashboard. Select the month, date, and year you would like the to be shown on the data dashboard. Click "reset" to return to the original data settings. 
  • Yellow, orange, and red shading on the GIS map indicate regional areas where opioid overdoses have occurred in Rowan county. Larger, prominently yellow shaded areas indicate where opioid overdoses have most greatly affected areas in the county. Settings in the GIS map will not permit a closeup view of streets, neighborhoods, and houses where an overdose has occurred.