Sponsors & Community Partners

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a group or individual who contributes financially either directly or indirectly to programs that support Rowan Creek Week. Donations are appreciated, but are not tax-deductible. Sponsors may provide funding for a specific item or program or just donate to the general fund. All donations go through the Rowan County Soil and Water Conservation District Office. 

What is a Partner?

A Partner is a group that organizes or helps facilitate an event that is held during Rowan Creek Week. Partners may include city, county, or state agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and non-profit groups. Partners should be those involved with water management, water quality, education, conservation, or companies whose work is dependent on water resources. 

How can I be involved?

We’re so glad you asked!  Anyone can be a Participant in Creek Week events. If you are interested in being a Partner, please use our Event Form to register your event. If you want to partner, but you’re not sure how, please attend one of the planning meetings. Everyone is invited to attend the meetings - they are a great way to network and get ideas. 

If you would like to be a Creek Week Sponsor, please email Kelli Isenhour or call 704-216-8998. 

Rowan Creek Week Event Form

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  8. Is there any type of renewal, certification, or continuing education credit available by participating in your event?
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  10. Rowan Creek Week will promote all events on our website, www.rowancreekweek.org, and on social media using the hashtag "#rowancreekweek". Please help us promote your events by completing this section.
  11. We would like to add your logo to our website as well as have it printed on our t-shirts and other promotional materials. Please provide a full-color logo for web promotion and a vector logo file (if possible) for professional printing.
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  13. Presenters/workers will be given a Creek Week t-shirt. Please specify below the number of shirts needed and their sizes.
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