Leadership Team

Rowan County Public Health is committed to excellence in public health leadership and practices. Each division lead is responsible for programs, policies, and practices that contribute to our overall goal of preventing illness, promoting healthy lifestyles, and protecting the health of Rowan County.

  1. Alyssa Harris

    Health Director
    Phone: 704-216-8871

  2. Meredith Littell

    Nursing Director
    Phone: 704-216-8846

  3. Karla Aldridge

    Financial Services Supervisor
    Phone: 704-216-8802

  4. Adrian Pruett

    Environmental Health Manager
    Phone: 704-216-8533

  5. Shanelle Wilkey

    WIC Director
    Phone: 704-216-8835

  6. Vera Avery

    Quality Improvement/Accreditation Specialist
    Phone: 704-216-8807

  7. Dr. Samantha Welton

    Public Health Dentist
    Phone: 704-216-8796