Northeast Rowan County Water System Reporting

Northeast Rowan County Water System (NEWS) submits lead and copper tap water results every six months to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality for review.  

Information to Share about Approved Pitcher & Testing Plan - Updated March 1, 2021

Last summer, Rowan County and Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (SRU) notified customers served by the Northeast Water System (NEWS) that elevated levels of lead had been found in drinking water in four out of twenty homes tested in the service area. The source of lead is limited to privately owned materials as determined by knowledge of the distribution system materials and inspections completed on two of the four homes exceeding the action level. Household plumbing materials and service lines containing lead are often found in homes built before 1986, as well as homes with faucets, valves, and components made of brass.


Corrosion Control Research

In June of 2020, Rowan County offered free, voluntary lead and copper testing and held two community meetings – over Zoom due to COVID – to inform the public and answer questions on lead in drinking water. Few responses were received from the letter, and the community meetings were sparsely attended. As a result, only a handful of homes participated in the voluntary lead and copper testing effort.

Distribution of Free Water Pitchers

In the interest of fully protecting public health as Rowan County’s work with the State of North Carolina and Virginia Tech University continues to determine the best, long-term solution, the Rowan County Board of Commissioners today approved a plan to provide every active connection on the NEWS system with a free Brita pitcher with two certified filters.

NOTE: If you are a NEWS customer and have not received your Pitcher Filter Kit, please contact us at: 704-216-8180.

The certified filters provided may last up to six months. Customers will initially receive two filters. If the filters need replacement more often than every six months, customers will be instructed with information on whom to contact to receive additional filters.

Take Part in Our Free Lead & Copper Testing Program

Along with the Brita pitcher and certified filters, every active connection on the NEWS system will also receive a free lead and copper water sampling kit so customers can voluntarily take and return water samples for lead and copper tests. The testing kits and Brita pitcher filters may be mailed separately to each customer.

NOTE: If you are a NEWS customer and have not received your Pitcher Filter Kit, please contact us at: 704-216-8180.

A certified laboratory will conduct the lead and copper tests and the results will be shared with the customers. Included in the testing kits will be pre-paid delivery packets so customers can return their samples FREE of charge.

The testing program is the best way to ensure we choose the correct long-term solution that will reduce the levels of lead for years to come. To thank our customers for their help, Rowan County is offering a $72.00 credit on their water bill if they return a water sample.  This credit will be applied on the April water bill that comes from Salisbury-Rowan Utilities.

How to Reduce Your Lead Exposure

Rowan County is taking these precautionary steps because lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children. Customers can reduce their consumption of lead by doing the following:

  • Have the water tested. Take part in our FREE testing program.
  • Let cold water run at the faucet for at least three minutes before using it for drinking
    or cooking.
  • Use only cold water. Hot water has the potential to absorb more lead from the
    piping. Heating or boiling water does NOT remove lead from drinking water.
  • Regularly clean faucet aerators. Lead particles can collect in aerators.
  • Properly use the Brita water pitcher and certified filter provided by Rowan County.

Questions or Concerns?

Rowan County Manager's Office Phone: 704-216-8180

Aaron Church, County Manager or
Randy Cress, Assistant County Manager / CIO