I found an injured/sick animal. Can I bring it to you?

No. Unfortunately, we are not currently licensed or equipped to be able to take in injured or sick animals. Doing so could put the animal and/or our animals in danger. If you find an injured or sick animal check out this link to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission's page where you can find a rehabilitator near you. 

What are your hours?

Check out our Hours and Pricing page for our current hours!

How long does a typical visit take?

A typical visit to all three Rowan Wild attractions typically takes between an hour to an hour and a half. A visit to just Rowan Wildlife Adventures typically takes 30-45 minutes, while visits to the Barnyard and Nature Center average around 15 minutes each. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

At our ticket booth, we only accept cash, we cannot process debit or credit cards. Tickets can be purchased using debit/credit cards at the concession stand by the lake. 

What animals do you have?

Rowan Wild is home to over 40 species of wildlife! Check out our Animals page for an overview of what you might see!

Is food/drink allowed?

Food and drink are allowed in the Nature Center and Wildlife Adventures. We ask that if you bring in food or drink that you please throw away your trash and do not use it to feed the animals.

Food and drink are not allowed inside the barnyard. 

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed in any of the Rowan Wild attractions. 

Are service animals allowed?

Rowan County Parks welcomes guests with disabilities who use service animals as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, please be aware of the unique situation of bringing your service animal into our Wildlife Attractions setting at Dan Nicholas Park where a live animal collection is held. Some animals in this attraction by nature may react strongly to the presence of dogs or any animals outside of their enclosure and view them as a threat. So for the safety of you, your service animal, our animal collection, and other guests, some of these attractions may not be open to any pets, including service animals, as indicated by appropriate signage.

Are bikes/scooters/skates/etc. allowed?

No. We ask that you leave all bikes/scooters/skates/ etc. at the gate; however, strollers are allowed.