Supporting Our Families

Monetary Benefits

Fostering Teens Incentive

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To receive an enhanced board rate for fostering teens, aged 13 and older, families agree to the following criteria. Complete the Trauma-Focused training provided by the agency and utilize skills learned to work through issues with teens. To participate regularly in Permanency Planning Review (PPR) meetings. To request a “placement change” meeting, with ten days’ notice, before any potential disruption. To work directly with the teen’s therapist, when applicable. For teens aged 16 and up, assist them in completing the goals outlined in their Transitional Living Plan. Discuss the teen’s progress, concerns, and problems with their social worker monthly. To arrange transportation to Independent Living program events, meetings, and any extra-curricular activities.

Clothing Allowance

Laundry hanging on a clothes line in a yard at sunset.To ensure children receive new quality clothing the Department provides an additional stipend in April, July, and November. Each child in the home is eligible for the stipend and it must be used for clothing and shoes. *Keep all receipts.  At any time you may be required to provide documentation of items purchased.

Support Groups

Rowan County Foster & Adoptive Parents Support GroupRacially diverse hands over top of each other in the center forming a sun shape.

Weekly Virtual ZOOM Group meeting is held on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. The late-night time is to give everyone a chance to get the kids off to bed so the parents will have uninterrupted time. Email Sarah Shrewsbury at for a link to the meeting.  You can request to be added to a private Facebook group which is updated regularly with the zoom meeting id.

Kinship/Foster Online Support Group

A community of caregivers that need practical advice for managing behaviors and school work while being shut in. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 11:30am-1:00pm.  Meetings take place over the Zoom Virtual platform, which can be accessed by phone, tablet, or computer.  A certificate of attendance can be given upon request.  If you are interested email  Sponsored by Creating a Family.

  1. Training Opportunities
  2. In-Service
  3. Free Online Training

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Re-Licensing requires 20 hours, per parent, 

of continuing foster parent education training every 2 years. 

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