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NC Digital Library

Popular eBook and eAudiobook titles that can be read on devices from Apple, Android, Kindle, Nook, and others. Download Libby or Overdrive today from your favorite app location! Need help? Check out the resources

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NC Kids Digital Library

eBook and eAudiobook titles for children ages 0 to 10. Sponsored by the North Carolina Public Library Directors Association, North Carolina General Assembly, and the North Carolina State Library. Not sure how to access these titles? Checkout these directions (PDF).


RBdigital, Open Education North Carolina Collection, Credo Reference, Ebook Central Academic and Public Library Complete, and more.

Tumble Book Library

It’s unlimited, and it’s free for you to use from home! Tumble Book Library is an online collection of e-books for children. They are a great way to encourage tech-savvy kids to enjoy reading! There are over 250 animated, talking picture books! The site also features Spanish and French books, read-along chapter books, non-fiction books, and exciting games and puzzles!