Reference & Computer Lab

Reference Services

All four RPL locations offer reference services. Stop by any RPL service desk for assistance locating items, navigating websites, finding resources, accessing the internet, and more. 

For reference assistance over the phone, call 980-432-8670 to connect with your most convenient RPL location. 

To suggest a title for the collection, complete RPL’s online materials request form. If the desired item is not acquired for the collection, customers can also seek an Interlibrary Loan — simply note that you are interested in pursuing one on the form.

Computers, Internet Access, and WiFi

All RPL locations have public access computers available for cardholders to use. Simply bring your library card to your most convenient RPL location during business hours to log on to a computer session. All public computers offer internet connectivity, access to a variety of software programs, and printing capabilities; select computer stations also have scanning capabilities.

No library card? No problem! If you do not have an RPL card or cannot access your library card account, you can still use a public computer station. Guest passes are available to purchase for $2 at all RPL locations. You must have a valid photo ID to purchase a guest pass. Guest passes are good for a single 55-minute computer session; additional sessions may be purchased if needed.

Public access computers do not permanently save any files, passwords, or documents. Before a computer session ends, remember to save important files on a flash drive or cloud-based storage account to ensure your work is not lost.

All RPL locations offer free WiFi connectivity. Bring your own device and connect to the WiFi from anywhere on library grounds! No username or password is needed to connect to the library’s WiFi — simply choose rowannc-wifi from your device’s WiFi menu for instant internet access. 

Security and Virus Protection

As with most public wireless internet connections, the library’s wireless connection is not secure. There can be untrusted parties between you and anybody with whom you communicate, and any information being transmitted could be potentially intercepted by another user.

Cautious and informed wireless users should choose not to transmit personal information (credit card numbers, passwords, and any other sensitive information) while using any public unsecured wireless internet connection. All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices. Any restriction or monitoring of a minor’s access to the library’s wireless network is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. 

Fax Service

Faxing is offered at all library locations.

Charges to Send Faxes:

  • Local and toll-free: $3 for every 10 pages
  • Long-distance: $3 for the first page, and then $1 per additional page

RPL Headquarters (Salisbury) has a 20-page limit on sending faxes.
Cover sheets are offered at all RPL locations at no additional charge. 
RPL cannot send faxes internationally.

Charges to Receive Faxes:

  • The cost to receive a fax at any RPL location is 15 cents per page.

Fax Numbers by Location

  • RPL HQ (Salisbury)  –  704-216-8126             
  • RPL East (Rockwell) – 704-216-7974
  • RPL South (China Grove) – 704-855-2449
  • RPL West (Cleveland) – 704-216-8293.

Wireless Printing Service

Wirelessly print your desired documents from your personal devices. Simply send your print job to your select RPL location's printing terminal, wait for the email confirmation that it has been received, and then visit the branch to collect your prints.

You can send print jobs wirelessly via the PrinterOn app (available for Android and iOS users), the websites listed below, or via the individual RPL locations' wireless printer emails. All options will ensure your prints are sent to your RPL location of choice for pickup. 

Mobile Print by PrintSpots Website

  1. Select a printer location. Choose color or black and white printing.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Browse your computer to find and select the file you wish to print.
  4. Click the forward button. You will see the status of your print job and a reference number.
  5. At the Print Release Station in the library, select “Release a Print Job.”
  6. Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.

Mobile Print by the PrinterOn App

  1. Visit your device’s app store for apps and search for the PrinterOn app. Install and launch the PrinterOn app.
  2. Click “No printer selected.”
  3. Click “Search.” Search for Rowan Public Library. 
  4. Printers
    • RPL Headquarters (Salisbury)
    • RPL East (Rockwell)
    • RPL South (China Grove)
    • RPL West (Cleveland)
  5. Click the printer name and save.

To Print Your Document:

  1. Select the type of document you wish to print from the PrinterOn app menu. 
  2. Select the printer and click the print icon.
  3. Enter an email address and click on the checkmark (you will receive a notice that the job started, and shortly after another message stating “Job Success”).
  4. At the Print Release Station in the library, select “Release a Print Job”.
  5. Enter the email address you supplied, select your print job from the screen, and deposit the correct amount of money to print your pages.

Mobile Print by Email 

Each printer is assigned a unique email address. Simply send or forward an email with an attachment to this address...that's it!

To print

Email from any device directly to the library’s print system at

At the Print Release Station in the library, select “Release a Print Job.”

Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.