Start Your Own Program

Start Your Own Program

Would you like to start a program that would be a blessing to you, your community, and your Local Law Enforcement Agency?  If the answer is yes, then this is the program for you! What better way than praying for someone in law enforcement? You can let them know you care.

If you have a desire to start this program, contact your Sheriff, Police Chief, or Commander. If they agree to let you implement this program:

  1. Obtain the name and date of birth of each employee that wishes to participate. 
  2. Assign an employee to each person that contacts you wanting to pray for an officer. This list is confidential. Do not share it with anyone without permission from your Sheriff, Chief, or Commander.
  3. Promote the program throughout the community.

Spread the Word

To let people know about this program, contact your local newspaper to do an article about the program and its need in your county, city, or town. Send out letters to churches with a copy of this information. Get all the publicity you can. 

Most agencies have news media that come by and pick up the criminal activity reports of crimes that have happened in your area. This is a good source to spread your Shield-A-Badge with Prayer program.

Keep Good Records

Be sure to keep good records of all prayer partners and the employees they are praying for. Have good communication with the people in the law enforcement agencies in order to keep your files updated, providing you with any changes in personnel (for example, new hires, retirements, and deaths).