Vocational Rehabilitation

This program aids disabled veterans prepare themselves for work, find employment, and keep it.


  • Veteran must have a service connected disability of 10 percent disabling and a serious employment handicap or, Veteran must have a service connected disability of 20 percent.
  • Discharge must be other than dishonorable.
  • An active duty service member can apply as long as she/he, is in the process of a medical separation and has a disability rating of at least 20 percent.


The services available to an individual are dependent upon their particular needs, but comprise of such things as: evaluation, resume assistance, vocational counseling, training, and work experience programs.

Entitlement Time Period

Veterans have 12 years from their discharge to complete a rehabilitation program, or 12 years from their notification of a service connected, compensable disability.

The duration of a specific rehabilitation program is primarily dependent on the needs of the veteran and the course requirements. However, this benefit is usually kept to a 48 month time limit of full-time services.

Individual Unemployability

A veteran with total disability may apply for vocational rehabilitation without risking the rating. If the veteran is rehabilitated and able to find employment, the total disability rating will continue for twelve months in order to determine if the veteran is able to maintain employment, and therefore employable.